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A Few Traveling Tips from a Seasoned Traveler

I like traveling a lot, going to foreign places and discovering all that these places have to offer. However, I know that for many people traveling can be quite a hassle, even if they do love seeing new places, just like me. In order to make your trips more comfortable, I thought about a few things that I have learned along the way, from experience. I hope they will come in handy next time you plan a trip overseas or anywhere you have never been before.


Packing your clothes

wild10Here is a tip on packing clothes that I learned it works each and every time. Get a cylinder bag and roll your clothes in a tight cylinder like shape. I assure you that there will be no creases to worry about when you unpack and there is another great thing of having this type of luggage with you. Because it takes up less room than a full fledge type of luggage, it will be easier for you to get around planes and other means of transportation. Especially if you are like me and you prefer to take only the necessities along, so you can spend your trip enjoying it, instead of worrying about luggage all the time, you will find this way of packing much more convenient.


Save your miles for international flights

If you have already saved quite a bit of miles towards free or fee reduced flights, do not spend these on domestic flights. Since many people prefer to get out of the country for a real adventure, it would be much more useful to use your miles for international flights. This was how I managed to fly cheaply to really exotic destinations. Some of my friends really wonder how I manage to spend so little when I practically travel all over the world. This is one of the aces I keep up my sleeve.


Make sure you have medicine handy

wild11Whether you worry about developing a stomach ache or a headache when you are traveling to a different country, you should have some medicine close by. Do not count on finding a drug store anywhere you go, or for them to hold the same brands as the ones at home. I, for instance, like traveling to poorer areas on the globe, because there are plenty of interesting things to see and do there. However, their supplies of medicine are often erratic, so I prefer to take some Tylenol and other common medicine along with me, to avoid any unpleasant problems.


Go for bottled water

Many health problems are usually derived from the food and water that you consume locally. Water is especially a problem, in my experience, since not everywhere I go, the conditions are as sanitary as I would like them to be. I prefer buying bottled water, since this has much fewer chances to be contaminated. Thanks to globalization, I even have the chance to find my favorite brands in faraway places, which is a real plus.

How to improve your morning toast

Toast is a classical breakfast ingredient.  Though many people consider it healthier than bread, this is not entirely true and it also depends on the type of bread you are using. Actually, toast does little to change the nutritional value of bread, but it is tastier and it goes better with a lot of toppings.

Two pieces of toast on the table

The key to making great toast is to choose a bread type that provides you with all the necessary nutrients, but also the type of bread toaster you own. A basic, old model will only ensure toasting your normal sliced bread on both sides, at a certain level. Things can be much improved. Modern toasters offer a variety of options and toasting levels. You can not only toast slim slices of bread, but also bagels, muffins and croissants and set the color that you want the toast to acquire when you take it out of the appliance.

wild7Of course, if you want to get all the benefits from your toast, using whole wheat bread will provide your organism with minerals, vitamins and fibers that are not to be found in white bread because of the industrial processes through which this type of flour is obtained, that take most of these nutrients away. However, toast and eventually coffee will not be able to fuel you with enough energy to keep you functional until lunch time. That is why, toast comes with many toppings that add to its energetic values.


wild8Buttered toast is popular all-around the world. Unfortunately it is not the healthiest of them all, as butter has a high content of fat. Even so, if you add strawberry jelly on it, it’s highly unlikely that you can resist it. Other popular toppings for toast are peanut butter, fruit jelly, honey (or butter and honey even more yummy), cinnamon and sugar, herbs and garlic, tomatoes, ham, bacon and eggs (this variety is called French toast). Everyone has its favorite, but, even if you adore one type of toast, sometimes you get bored of it. For example, I used to make buttered toast a lot and add honey or jelly, but, at a certain point, I got tired of all combinations. That was when I bought my new toaster, in which I can perfectly fit slices of bread or croissants and muffins. As such I was able to diversify my breakfasts without necessarily wasting more time. For example, if I want to eat poached or boiled eggs, I can use the same toaster for it, as it has a egg cooking system integrated that will have your breakfast ready in a couple of minutes. While your bread is toasted, the eggs are being cooked and you can mind your own business around the house until they’re ready.

Moreover, I can also fry ham, bacon and vegetables on it, if I feel like having a more consistent breakfast. It is a great item to keep around the house if you start your job early.