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How Serious Is the Deforestation in the US?

I am very concerned about what is currently happening in our countries, deforestation in particular. It is not only that we are constantly sacrificing what counts as a reserve of oxygen needed for living healthy lives, but we are destroying the natural habitat of various species. The world we will leave behind will be poorer and poorer, and it is only a matter of time, until there will be nothing left. This may be hard to believe for someone who only sees today, but the truth is catastrophic. I will talk about some numbers now, so you can see what I am seeing.


Have you any idea about how green these lands we live on today used to be? Deforestation is not something that is only happening nowadays. It has started a long time ago and its destructive force continues on its path. By the year 1600, 90% of all the virgin forests in the US were destroyed through deforestation. The problem is that no one seems willing to stop. Deforestation continues and there are people who firmly believe that just about one quarter of the forests we see today will still be standing 70 years from now.


Another issue is that everyone seems to be engaged in this destructive habit. Loggers have every bit of interested in producing lumber, and their more and more efficient methods of deforestation yield a lot of wood from forested areas. They do not care that they leave behind nothing but barren land, since they make their profit and then move away. Landowners are also lured by the promise of easy profit. They sell their lands, so these can be deforested and then transformed into areas on which large residential complexes are being built.


This is not something, however, that affects only the urban part of America. In rural areas, the same thing happens. Farmers want more land to plant their crops, and the more land they can grab, the better. We are shamelessly destroying the land, and the effects will be suffered by the next generations even more than by us.


20A nation known as the leader for producing and consuming forest products, the US is bound to have a serious environmental issue that many still choose to ignore. They tend to believe that there is nothing to worry about, but victims appear time after time. So far, unique species living in these forests have gone extinct, such as the Carolina parakeet, and the Bachman’s warbler, and many will follow. If we do not do something to stop this, and we allow deforestation to continue, we will leave, as legacy, to our future generations, a barren land that once used to be great, populated with all kinds of species of animals and birds.

Most Endangered Animals in the US

There is no other agent or living creature on the planet with a greater impact on the environment than us, humans. In our continuous greed of eating up resources, space, air and whatnot, we fail to see how our way of living is hurting everything else around us. The bad impact we have is measurable; there are now species in the US threatened to become extinct, for the sole reason that we care for naught.


Florida panther


You may know it or not, but we do have panthers here in the US. Or, more correctly said, we still do have panthers, because they are really in danger of going extinct. The Florida panther used to reign supreme in the south and southeastern areas of the US, but, right now, these majestic animals only take up a very little area located in South Florida. Although it has been on the list of endangered species since 1967, the continuous urban development in Florida brought the number of these felines down to just 100.


Loggerhead sea turtle


Sea turtles need the coast to nest their eggs, and leave them there to hatch in peace, but a lot has changed during recent years. Even since the beaches have been occupied by humans, the Loggerhead sea turtle has had a harder and harder time to reproduce. All kinds of tortures were used to destroy these beautiful animals, from overharvesting their eggs, to death by accident, as the sea turtles got caught in commercial fishing gear. On Florida beaches, there is now a constant effort to help the sea turtles nest and reproduce, and small steps seem to be headed in the right direction.


Mississippi gopher frog


Another species of animals reduced to just about 100 individuals is the Mississippi gopher frog. These individuals still live in the wild, and some efforts are being made to help them reproduce, as 7,000 acres were declared the protected habitat for this species of frog. They still exist in three ponds located not far from Tradition, a town in Mississippi. Any plans of development for the town would put the small creature in absolute danger.


Polar bear


The vast stretches of white to the north are often seen by humans as being pristine and untouched, but this is no longer the case. Even where the actual expansion of human settlements is reduced, like Alaska, there are still effects of the global warming and pollution that push animals further and further up north, until they have no place to go. The polar bear is one of the most affected species on the planet, with global warming being the main culprit. This is where we could all contribute by driving less, using energy efficient light bulbs and overall reducing our carbon footprint.


There are many other species of animals endangered in the US, but it would take an entire book to talk about them all. What I would like everyone to learn from this is that no matter where you live and what you do, you can do something for our Mother Nature, too, by choosing to live a cleaner, more environmentally friendly life.